6 Teas of the Middle East & North Africa

The Middle East & North Africa have some of the oldest trade routes in the world, ferrying spices from all corners of the world. As the crossroads of history & civilizations, the region has cultivated a rich tea culture. Here are a few of the most popular teas of the region: 1. Moroccan/ Maghrebi MintContinue reading “6 Teas of the Middle East & North Africa”

Tea Culture in the Caribbean & Central America

In the Caribbean & Central America, we are predominantly coffee people. However, there’s still a strong tea culture that resonates through our shared history. Tea here generally referrs to any cup of hot water with flavouring. The traditional Camellia sinensis & variations of herbal tisanes both have a place in our homes. Teas aren’t theContinue reading “Tea Culture in the Caribbean & Central America”

Agua de Jamaica | Caribbean Compass

Hibiscus Tea | Sour Tea | Saril | Abe | Sorrel | Agua de Jamaica This little plant connects more cultures than many are aware of. Across the Caribbean basin, from Mexico to Trinidad & Tobago then all the way to Australia. Origins Hibiscus sabdariffa goes by many names around the world; Sorrel in theContinue reading “Agua de Jamaica | Caribbean Compass”

Cerasee | Jamaican Teas

I won’t lie, the word cerasee strikes fear in many Jamaican children. We all thought of ways to trick our grannies into thinking we drank the full cup of tea when you really threw it outside. I hope she never found out…for your sake. Cerasee | Bitter Melon | Bitter Gourd | Balsam Pear WhatContinue reading “Cerasee | Jamaican Teas”

Keeper of Memories

Living with your grandparents means you automatically become their little helper, but we often don’t realise we become their memory bank as well. My grandmothers would constantly tell stories about life in the country and the resourcefulness of life back then. Especially when anyone was sick, I would see my grandmas transform from lecturing meContinue reading “Keeper of Memories”

Moringa | Jamaican Teas

Most mornings I’m not greeted with “ Morning Sunshine” or “ How’d you sleep last night?”, no, instead we communicate in a series of grunts and the interrogation begins with “ You eat your moringa?” Moringa | Merengue | Merenga | Drumstick Tree History In my house, we eat Moringa seeds like convenient multivitamin tabletsContinue reading “Moringa | Jamaican Teas”

Bissy | Jamaican Teas

Coffee Alternative? Bissy is the weapon of choice in many Jamaican households when common remedies don’t work against an ailment. It’s our super soldier, able to snap you back to life when everything else seems to fail. Fight fire with fire and poison with poison… History Bissy (Cola acuminata) is the term used in JamaicaContinue reading “Bissy | Jamaican Teas”